Signs of San Antonio was acquired in May 2007 by its current owner, and has recently undergone a corporate rebranding.  At the forefront of that rebranding was a “reimagining” of our logo.
The new Signs of SA logo is designed to look and represent who we are as a company: Sleek.  Clean.  Refined.  Colorful.  Professional.  All characteristics of who we are today.         The over-sized “Signs” part of our logo leaves no doubt signs and sign-making is our primary focus; it’s our raison d’être.  The slanted, italic nature of the logo is representative of our speed and efficiencies – the importance we place on getting your signs made as quickly as possible.
The colored boxes represent the signs we make – as they’re being made one after another – and the wide range of colors we offer from vinyl to our wide-format digital printing.  Incorporating the dot of the “i” in the off-plane manner represents the creativity and artistic freedom available at your disposal.