As Signs of SA we pride ourselves on  our three core values:

  1. Blazingly Fast Turnaround Time: Signs of SA consistently averages some of  the fastest turnaround times in town.  Over  the years, Signs of SA and its employees have perfected the techniques and processes  of making and delivering virtually all types of signs.  In fact, our  efficiencies and understanding of your time constraints drives us to have almost  all sign work out by 4pm the following day the sign work has been  approved.  And in many cases, we can have your work complete the same day!
  2. Top Notch Customer Service: Signs of SA recognizes we wouldn’t be where  we are today without exceptional service.   Whether it’s racing to get a rush order out, repairing a sign we did for  you years ago, or doing design work for a new sign, we will go the extra mile  to make you happy.
  3. Best Value Available:  We  know: price matters.  That’s why we are  priced at the low end of the competition on almost every product we sell.  In fact, much of our work is priced well  below the next lowest competitor.  That  said, we won’t always be your lowest-cost option.  But like anything else, you get what you pay  for: we use premium vinyl, top-of-the-line digital printers and media, and  other materials designed to last and keep your signs looking good for years to  come.  All told, when you consider our  work product, turnaround time, and service, we feel we offer the best overall  value in town!